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I have worked with Michael on three big projects, including the design of my book Sacred Possibilities' cover, my book's website and my business website for Sacred Earth Connection.

I'm an artist and a perfectionist for details.  I had already envisioned what I desired for all three projects, and yet, somehow, Michael managed to highly exceed my expectations!  He not only has the skills to design something completely customized to reflect who you are through your website, but also has a very creative spirit that adds so much to the initial idea, expanding it, improving it or even giving you a completely new option that you wouldn't have thought of, that works and looks even better!  Not only that, but I feel he should charge more for his work.  The previous web designer I had charged me a lot of money, and the website that resulted from that pales in comparison to Micheal's work!  I highly recommend Michael for your web design needs.

Lucille DancingWind

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